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Hi! My name is Grace Abigail Dafter and I am 3 years old. My Dad has an Internet business and now I do, too! You can see me in my office, playing with my toys and my best friend Angel. I also work out like my Dad does and you, too, can do my favorite workouts.

My Dad and I made an office in our garage so that we would have a big space for our computers, my toys and to work out. Maybe someday, we can tell people about our office in the garage like Google tells people about their first office in a garage!

At Work In My Office
At Work In My Office
Playing Outside
Playing Outside

My Dad says that it is really important to exercise and I love doing Tony and the Kids. He also just ordered Shaun T's Fit Kids Club and I can't wait to try it. We also go to the gym three times a week and I do my Mighty Mites Fitness Class which is really fun. You should see the list of articles that he has on his website about kid's health and fitness. To see his list of articles, click here.

With Dora, Diego and Boots
With Dora, Diego and Boots
Being A Princess
Being A Princess

Dad also tries to get me to eat really well and we eat all organic foods and I never have junk food or fast food or candy, but I am 3 and sometimes I just don't want to eat my meals and I would rather just have snacks. Dad gets mad, but I think he is starting to understand me a little better. You can see his list of articles on kid's eating tips and nutrition articles by clicking here.

Working With Dad On My Office
Working With Dad On My Office
With My Best Friend Angel
With My Best Friend Angel
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